Our Spring Formal is being held from 7-10 pm on March 27th. The theme is An Enchanted Forest. 

Dance contracts and guest contracts will be released starting Monday, March 9th. Ticket sales begin March 16th and end officially March 25th. In order for students to purchase their ticket, they will need to have a completed dance contract. They can turn this in at the time of purchase. Students who would like to bring a guest must be prepared to pay for their guest's ticket. Guests will need to complete both a dance contract and a guest contract that can also be turned in at the time of purchase.

All ticket sales go through Sylvia in the front office. Tickets sold from March 16th-March 20th cost $35 for Mt. SAC ECA students, $40 for guests. Tickets sold from March 23rd-March 25th cost $40 for both Mt. SAC ECA students and guests. 

Tickets will be sold at the door for $50 for both guests and students. Students will still need to present a completed dance contract if they are purchasing at the door. If they are purchasing guest tickets at the door, their guest will also need to have a completed dance contract AND guest contract. 

Snacks and refreshments will be provided at the event and there will be a coat check for any bags or coats that students choose to bring with them. All students will need to have their school ID present to enter the dance.

Please contact Ms. Banh for any further questions!

What kinds of dances are held?

Each year, Mt. SAC ECA's ASB puts on two dances: a Back to School dance and a Spring Formal. The Back to School dance occurs in the fall semester while the Spring Formal occurs in the spring semester. 

How can students attend?

All students at Mt. SAC ECA are eligible to attend dances. They must follow this procedure to purchase a ticket:

  1. Obtain a dance contract
  2. Complete and submit a dance contract upon purchase. 
  3. Present valid school ID with payment.

Once students have purchased their ticket, they will receive their dance ticket at a later time, which serves both as a receipt of their purchase and as a form of memorabilia. Students do not need to present this ticket at the dance to enter. 

What about guests?

All students at Mt. SAC ECA are allowed to bring one guest with them to each dance. To do this, students must complete the guest form, located on the back of the provided dance contract. The Mt. SAC ECA student must provide a copy of their guest's ID with the dance contract and guest form upon purchase. 

What happens on the day of the dance?

All students need to bring their school ID with them to the dance to be admitted. There will be a guest list - if students have purchased a ticket, their name will be checked off the guest list and they will be allowed into the dance. Students who have an approved guest must arrive with their guest. Their guest will not be admitted without the student who purchased their ticket. 

for further details, please refer to the provided sample dance contract and guest form!

Dance contracts that can be downloaded and submitted will be updated on this page for upcoming dances.

Sample Dance Contract