Currently Active

korean culture

President: Zoey Liang

Meetings: Tuesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 15

Advisor: Ms. Banh

Culture appreciation and awareness

President: Payton Zarceno

Meetings: Wednesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 15

Advisor: Ms. Banh

Running club

President: Zoe Burrola

Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays @ 3:44-4:15

Location: Room 16

Advisor: Mr. Colin

Photography club

President: Tevin Perez

Meetings: Wednesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 14

Advisor: Ms. Hoffman

podcast club

President: Jaytin Sampat

Meetings: Wednesdays @ Lunch

Location: Room 16

Advisor: Mr. Colin


Letter to Parents

President: Payton Zarceno

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month @ lunch

Location: Room 9

Advisor: Mrs. Contreras

Starting a Club

Students are encouraged to start clubs for anything they are passionate about. Clubs can be culture-based, focused on personal interests, or service-oriented. To start a club, students are required to fill out and submit an application to the front office.

Applications can be downloaded and printed from this page or picked up from Ms. Banh, Room 15.

New Club Application